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  1. zeeshan added a post in a topic: Forum Downtime   

    I am sure I will get permanently banned for saying this but someone has to say it and I will be ok if I get booted out. 
    This forum has gone down the drain over the last year or so. Most of the time it's either down or we are told to shut up and arbitrarily face post removals etc. 
    Who is running this site? What is going on behind the scenes ? Syed when you used to run this site and I joined it almost 20 years ago the quality and quantity was so much better. Over the years I have gotten used to waking up and after namaz visiting this site before anything. I contributed my fair share by putting material on this site, everytime financial contribution was required I did not hesitate and contributed, I posted what ever limited knowledge I had. We come here to read, learn and share. Obviously some of us do not have inside sources and extensive knowledge of the military and depend only on reading what is posted. Some of us are mocked for posting sometimes unverified or even wrong information. I doubt many of us deliberately do that. 
    I wont be shocked if the forum disappears again without warning and members are left wondering what happened. This shows total lack of respect towards members and elite attitude of some moderators. 
    I am ready to say goodbye unless moderators clearly explain what leads to these downtimes . I was told the money is required to move servers and update contacts and I whole heartedly contributed. If there are other issues let's share with the members or let the forum slide to oblivion.
  2. zeeshan added a post in a topic: Migrated From Pakistani Defence Forum   

    i can see why you get thrown out. You show up here and the very first post is based on utter BS and trash magazine level gossip...good start bro.
  3. zeeshan added a post in a topic: Member Info   

    Assalamaoalukum May Allah make it easier for his soul and have mercy on him. It is always sad to hear about someone as young as him passing away.
  4. zeeshan added a post in a topic: Issuance of Appointment Letter   


    if this is venting grief thread then I have one too:

    my wife gave me a day old salan last night and this morning refuses to make me breakfast. What should I do?
  5. zeeshan added a post in a topic: I m a New   


    where in Karachi from? I had a real good friend in Krachi with the same name.
    did you ever got to Gulistan school?
  6. zeeshan added a post in a topic: New Kid On Da Block   

    Hey Shafiqu if you are a Pakistani
    you can kickback and relax
    but if you are an Indian
    we will kick your ass. :cool: :cool:
  7. zeeshan added a post in a topic: Recycled News Bulletins   

    so why are you here?
  8. zeeshan added a post in a topic: Introduction   

    Assalam o alaukum,

    sorry this is completely off topic but i am just wondering if there is anyone here from Chicago area. I am going to start my new job there soon.
    I just rented an apartment on 50th floor!!!!