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  1. TKhan added a post in a topic: Forum Downtime   

    Since the mods are volunteers are running this as a community service, I can't take the strong view for the outage. I did notice that months prior to shut down, the number of postings was going down. I wonder if that may have been as much a contributor factor: community just wasn't very active. Members weren't contributing as much
  2. TKhan added a post in a topic: Forum Downtime   

    How long has this site been up for btw?
  3. TKhan added a post in a topic: Forum Downtime   

    I am not sure who brought it back to life and how, but I am thankful. I had already gone through the grief / disappoint phase when this first shut down , I don't know when and didn't realize how long I have been part of the community that i missed the regular reads (and some contributions) . Life wasn't the same for the last however months has been. I tried to join one of the other defense forums but it wasn't the same. Never even got a log-in because I thought it was just not what I wanted. Thats loyalty.
    Thanks to the admin that brought this back to life. And also, if there is anything the community needs to do to crowdfund this so it can stay up, please let me know. Glad to contribute
  4. TKhan added a post in a topic: Kaleem, a new member   

    Welcome Kaleem
  5. TKhan added a post in a topic: Hello All   

    Welcome Arjun (from a local fellow Bostonian), Taimur
  6. TKhan added a post in a topic: Joining   

    I have been following the site and have been truly impressed by the depth and knowledge of of the members in the various military subject matter areas. I come from a military family and also like to fly recreationally. Really happy to be joining, and contributing as well.