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  1. pshamim added a post in a topic: Greetings From U.s. Central Command   

    I believe that there have been some talks between General Lloyd Austin, Commander of the United States Central Command (USCENTCOM), and Secretary Defence Lieutenant General (Retd) Asif Yasin Malik on the subject of sales/ transfers. US has issued a waiver, 2nd in 6 month for  sales/transfers of some major military equipment to Pakistan. allows for the execution of America’s Foreign Military financing (FMF) programme, and for the sale or export of certain Major Defence Equipment (MDE). I am quite intrigued by 6the use of "Major" equipment designation.  In US, a major equipment means that its export is controlled by US Munitions List and It has a minimum R&D cost of $50 Million and a product cost of $200 Million. There export must also be approved by the US Congress but in this case, Secretary of State is authorized to approve the sale in the interest of US security interests. 
    SSaad, in response to your above question to US Centcom, MRAP may very well be on this list in my opinion as it is not considered an offensive equipment but I cannot say with full confidence as to what  equipment will be on the list.
    ​Keep your fingers crossed, Pakistan is going to receive some modern equipment that should help it immensely.
  2. pshamim added a post in a topic: Greetings From U.s. Central Command   

    Thank you. We are honored that US Centcom is paying attention to us and various opinions that we have, some pro America and few  not so friendly towards the USA. I am happy that US Centcom will be able to benefit by monitoring various opinions expressed by the member which are representative of the Pakistani society. I am happy that Centcom will understand and in turn help USA understand  Pakistan and its society. It will understand why a country like USA being loved and respected by the masses in Pakistan at  lost its respect and trust.
    We in this forum will try our best to express what and why things are at such impasse between the two countries and help US to make amends and rightfully gain the love, affection and respect from the Pakistanis. Please understand that Pakistan has its own interests which need to be respected as well. Lets work together to bring the two nations closer.
    Once again, welcome to the forum.
  3. pshamim added a post in a topic: intro   

    Welcome Hina! There are few lady members on this forum but women are increasingly been interested in Pakdef and military matters That is really heartening to know.
    Although we have a lot of pictures but Pakdef is known for its serious, credible and well researched postings by its esteemed members. You will find a lot of what you may wish to know
  4. pshamim added a post in a topic: Rehan: Introduction   

    Welcome Rehan! Good to know that you love Pakistan. We noth share the love for Pakistan and PAF.
  5. pshamim added a post in a topic: Hello   

    Welcome friend.
  6. pshamim added a post in a topic: hey   

    Do you have a name? Will appreciate an answer. Why in your wisdom you want to be anonymous.
  7. pshamim added a post in a topic: Hy I am Abdul Manan   

    Welcome to the Forum a place to learn, report and also post your opinions. I am sure you will enjoy here.
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    Welcome Vicek. Looking forward to your contribution on the forum.
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    Welcome. People who choose to offer their life for defence of Pakistan and become part of our first line of defense are always welcome here.
  10. pshamim added a post in a topic: Introduction   

    Major Saheb,
    Welcome-you finally made it. We will learn and enjoy from your long and extensive experience in Pakistan Army.
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    Welcome to Pakdef. I am sure we will enjoy and learn from your experienced posts.
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    Welcome to the forum Capt. Haider. You will enjoy here.
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    Mir Saheb,

    Thanks for joining. You will gain a lot of knowledge as I do on this forum.
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    Salam to you too. Welcome to the forum.
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    Welcome to Pakdef. What is your real name?

    Hope this forum helps in raising the awareness and knowledge of Pakistan defence related issues for you.