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  1. FaisalK added a post in a topic: Member Info   

    Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajeoon.

    This is very saddening to hear. This isn't the first time I've seen someone on the forum sphere pass away. We may not realize it, but we do build bonds here, very strong ones - ideas and beliefs. Losing someone like that isn't to be taken lightly.
  2. FaisalK added a post in a topic: My Sincerest Good Bye.   

    Thanks guys...but I have decided to leave, Allah Hafiz :)
  3. FaisalK added a post in a topic: My Sincerest Good Bye.   

    Salaam brothers;

    I have decided to leave the whole forum business once and for all; I'll soon stop posting at this and all defence/military forums - once and for all. Multiple reasons for this - but most importantly its because I think all this is a waste of time for me. I have enjoyed my time on this forum - and have learnt a lot; and I am honoured to be a member here.

    With this, I'll leave all of you my appologies if I have offended anyone or not completed some tasks given to me. Take care and stay safe!

    Allah Hafiz.
  4. FaisalK added a post in a topic: Hey.   

    Oh ok thanks...just give me a couple of weeks and I'll send you my new E-Mail Address, it'll be a @Laurier account.
  5. FaisalK added a post in a topic: Hey.   

    I'm Faisal, and I'm from PakMil, and I find this forum a great place to discuss things etc, however about my e-mail address, well you see my school hasn't started giving out e-mail add YET, until next week, so it may take me a couple of weeks to acquire mine @laurier account. Can I change my e-mail address once my proper one arrives?

    I'm a high-school student, but don't think I'm dumb, because I'm a Super-Mod at PakMil, and quite informative.