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  1. Khalid A. added a post in a topic: Forum Downtime   

    Zeeshan, I would agree. I've been visiting and using this forum since the late 90s (not under the same username since then). We used to have really critical, in depth discussions. Even before the recent lengthy downtime, it seemed that any critical debate about defence matters was just not tolerated, and there doesn't seem to be any change in the Ostrich mentality of burying one's head to the recent significant developments in the region.
  2. Khalid A. added a post in a topic: Member Info   

    Really shocked to hear about this. My deepest sympathies and condolences to his family.
    I had some battles with him on this forum, and despite the differences I had with him, one thing is for sure, he was one of the most passionate persons to post here. He was certainly very passionate about the JF-17 and he provided some great pics from Farnborough 2010.
  3. Khalid A. added a post in a topic: Greetings From U.s. Central Command   

    So all the Western countries and "anti-Islamic" states want to break down larger "Islamic" states into smaller "Islamic" states, thus actually INCREASING the number of "Islamic" states in the world?! Look at the map you posted, instead of just 2 "Islamic" states there are now 3! This must be some elaborate conspiracy by the Zionist led Western powers!