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  1. Gaf added a post in a topic: Member Info   

    A.A. Khan, if you are going to the funeral, then if you could pass on our afsos from everyone on this forum to his family, it will be much appreciated. Most of us are internationally based, and have no means by which we can do our afsos to his family.
    Many people here knew him through his contributions and insights, and he was highly respected for this( I did very briefly meet him at Farnborough 2010).
    RIP Munir, you will be missed.
  2. Gaf added a post in a topic: Member Info   

    I am guessing that the admins here @ Pakdef would have the email he registered with, and could try and reach out either directly to Munir, or the admins of paksitanidefence to clarify ?
    PS. this is Munir @ 3.32 in this video :

    And @ 3.23 in this video(he has sun glasses on, on the right, with a brown jumper on :

    He is a young fella. Hoping news is not correct. I did check on his posting a few days a go, wondering where he had gotten to, or if he had just become bored on posting to these sites.
    "Munirjayden" is his youtube channel.
  3. Gaf added a post in a topic: Back Online?   

    Thankyou for taking out Hakimullah Mehsud. Job well done !!!!
  4. Gaf added a post in a topic: Greetings From U.s. Central Command   

    Thankyou for getting rid of Hakimullah Mehsud. Job well done !!!!
  5. Gaf added a post in a topic: My Sincerest Good Bye.   


    Its a shame that you have decided to nolonger participate on this forum. I do, however, disagree with your notion that it is all a waste of time. Transfer of knowledge, discussion of issues that are important to us all and a desire to get at the truth or simply attempt to maintain it, can never be a waste of time. Pakdef is unique in that it members are trully distributed and globally and can draw on a wealth of information and resources to a given interest any point in time making this forum quite unique place on the internet.

    Do think about it again, failing that, I wish you the best of luck.