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  1. Ali55 added a post in a topic: Assalam o Alaikum   

    well from my experience, this forum accepts ALL schools of thought so long as they are not contradicting the interests of Pakistan.

    we are not ANTI anything here. rather we are a forum based on truth. as the light of truth removes ALL the shadows of darkness.

    this is a Pakistani forum not a American forum on the subject of Pakistan!!
  2. Ali55 added a post in a topic: HELP **urgent**   

    Thanks Fahad, i gave up after a few hours and downloaded a blank world map template and used paint to colour in the varius countries...china looks pretty much sorrounded. looking at the map alone, it is in the interest of the United states to destroy Pakistan and hence prevent a shorter (hence more efficient) energy route to China from ME.
  3. Ali55 added a post in a topic: HELP **urgent**   

    does any body know how i can use a world map and colour different countries in different colours?

    im writing something about the currency wars and how they might effect the geo-political situation in the world so could use some help.
  4. Ali55 added a post in a topic: salam from peshawar   

    Walikum Salaam,

    welcome to PAKdef.Info
  5. Ali55 added a post in a topic: Maulana Fazl-Ur-Rahman   

    Islam is the truth, Fazal-ur-rehman sahib wants to promote Pakistan based on Islam, hence on truth. the problem is that foundations of truth can not be layed down with lies. Mulla Faky doodle doo is either a nut case or a very very bad person. either way according to Quran and Sunnat he needs to be removed from power IMMEDIATELY (because he lies)

    also to add Maulana in english could be translated to Professor. this title was given to people in the past just like the titles of Professor or Doctor etc are given today by academics to academics. there where several levels of schollership and Maulana was the 2nd highest. because of the power vacum and a lack of authority for past 200 years, every tom. dick and harry adds Maulana to his name which is not only a discrace but also insulting to the stature of true Maulanas of the past.

    to describe in a nutshell what a Maulana is, it is some one like Dr Zakir Naik, or Dr Bilal Phillips etc. its not someone who wears a special hat.
  6. Ali55 added a post in a topic: Salaam Alikum   

    thanks Yaar for the warm welcome..

    how come i can not make any topics?

    i wanted to post the below article.
  7. Ali55 added a post in a topic: Salaam Alikum   

    thanx guys for the warm welcome, indeed Mr Khan is the Chanceller, he comes once a year to give his speach
  8. Ali55 added a post in a topic: Salaam Alikum   

    My name is Ali

    i am a Student at Bradford University and study Economics.

    i am very well versed with geo strategic issues prevelant in SA right now.

    i have a long back ground in IT.