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  1. SyedA added a post in a topic: Hiya Pak Def Forum   

    Welcome Usman, you are added to the forum now.
  2. SyedA added a post in a topic: New setup is hard on eyes ...   

    get use to it like we all did the last time, something new and different is always hard to adapt the first time. I have used the simplest and soothing colors for the eyes. I dont know what else can be done.
  3. SyedA added a post in a topic: Dr Mehvish Baig in Point Blank   

    wrong forum, please take it somewhere else.
  4. SyedA added a post in a topic: Hello everybody   

    ofcourse you are
  5. SyedA added a post in a topic: Salam Dear Members   

    your account should be fine, try to clear your cookies and login again.
  6. SyedA added a post in a topic: New Member: Introduction   

    i am simply speechless, welcome to the forum. Looking forward to discussions with you and welcome to the forum.
  7. SyedA added a post in a topic: Introduction   

    Ak karachi,

    your IP address shows you are in New Jersey... care to explain?
  8. SyedA added a post in a topic: posting difficulties please help   

    once you introduce yourself in this forum your account will be fully activated.
  9. SyedA added a post in a topic: Greetings from the new boy!   

    there are few people who sell pakistan military items on ebay. One is located in England Actually and he sells mostly books, he might be able to help you out. His name is Ejaz Hussain, if you do a search for "pakistan military" items on ebay you should be able to find him.
  10. SyedA added a post in a topic: Umar zaman khan   

    proper english please.
  11. SyedA added a post in a topic: Muhammad Omair   


    little young to be a mechanical engineer but good for you, where did you graduate from and what was the area of concentration in mechanical engineering. I always wondered if ASME or something similar is pakistani engineering schools.
  12. SyedA added a post in a topic: Muhammad Omair   

    welcome to the forum, you have been added.
  13. SyedA added a post in a topic: Fedup by the Attitude of the Moderators   

    Mr Awais,

    thanks for the concern, first few things in order.

    1. We didn't twist anyone's arms to join this forum, you came here at your will but will participate under forum guidelines....there is no discussions to it, don't like it, go to other forums that cater your needs.

    2. There are members here who had argued against the common norms and values of this forum and have never been labled as unpatriotic people, case in example is rafaqat, ammar bhutta, majithia etc etc.

    3. People who do get banned or deleted are those whoes views become a liability for this forum and moderators. There have been members who criticized the common theme of our political views and had the courage to present it in a more eloquent and civilized manner and they are still here.

    4. Arrogance i snot tolerated here specially from the new members, specially when it comes to showing it to the senior members. Keep in mind that seniority here doesnt come with number of posts or how long have you been, but it comes with the quality of contribution. Syed Saad, pshamim and few others are such examples. Compared to others they are fairly new.

    Respect for elders is a must or go eat dirt somewhere, simply put.

    5. If your post would start off with an arogant post or sarcastic tone, then guaranteed you are gone before you make the second post. I am not about number of users but rather the quality of posts.

    This forum is read by intenational think tanks, magazines and journals, and pakistani military and no one has the time to read useless egotistic posts that are nothing more than a rant to satisfy their own ego and show off baseless knowledge.

    6. Rules of this forum are etched in stone, and I have not cared even if the senior members didn't like it, in the past some of them didn't like it and they left... so be it. I would rather shut down this forum then run a zoo running a muck.

    Difference of opinion is not an issue, but the issue is how you present it and this is a simple rule people are not getting it. Some people get banned cause all they do is start 10 threads all with news and nothing of weight in it. Moderating and administering this forum is very time consuming and neither of us have time for that.

    I hope you understand all these issues that we have, if not then i honestly think this forum doesn't serve your needs.

  14. SyedA added a post in a topic: My introduction   

    Any reason why you are asking this?
  15. SyedA added a post in a topic: a general inquiry   


    lol, that was a good one....:D