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    Truly shocking to hear this. Rest in peace Munir. I always read his posts with interest in various forums and learned from him. Never got a sense from his posts that he was battling life threatening condition.
    If I recall correctly, his signature on another forum was to the effect "Dust to dust , ashes to ashes. Now I am dust"

    Now that I think of it, makes sense why he used it.
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    Welcome Wardagh. I guess you know me too at sinodefence (handle:maglomanic). Our respectable member Pshamim also post on sinodefence.
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    welcome to PDF KEvin. Hope to hear from you more :)
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    Thanks for changing the name of my user account. But for some reason i still can't see the images attached to many posts. Also the link that you gave me in my reply also takes me to page saying i don't have enough permissions.
    hope to hear form you soon.
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    If you could make it Farooq or FarooqHafeez(with without space) it will work for me. I apologize for my mistake and thanks for your reply.
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    Hi guys,
    My name is Farooq Hafeez and I am from Paksitan but currently in USA. Working as a consultant for a software quality assuarnce company. I have been visiting this forum for some time and always enjoy some really informative discussions. My interests include technology, military affairs (strategic , weapon systems etc) and military aviation in particular.